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Scholarship Information

The Admissions Office has a modest number of scholarships to offer promising new students. Scholarships administered by the Financial Aid Office are limited in number and amount (the average scholarship is $1,000), but contributions by private donors fund the following awards. The scholarships are awarded to students with the expectation that the recipient will continue to make satisfactory academic progress and conduct herself or himself in an ethical and professional manner. If a student who receives an award is later judged by the Student Affairs Committee as not meeting the College’s standards (please refer to the Student Handbook), the award may be rescinded for at least one term of study. For awards that require an application, enrolled students will be sent the application each fall and an invitation to apply.

In addition, students can apply for scholarships specifically for optometry students. The Financial Aid office emails updated scholarship opportunities and announcements weekly for awards offered by optometric associations and industry providers. The AOA provides some resources for scholarships through this Guide to Optometric Loans, Grants, and Scholarships.  This includes scholarships such as the IHS (Indian Health Scholarship) program for American Indian and Alaska Native students and the HPSP, Health Professionals Scholarship Program, for students who are interested in pursuing military optometry service in exchange for tuition and living stipends.  Read more about the experiences of three NECO alumni in Military Optometry who participated in the HSPS in the 2014 Annual Report.