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NECO Alumni Emergency Loan Information

NECO Alumni Emergency Loan Information

The College encourages students to exercise good spending habits and to live within the College’s established education budget. Nonetheless, we realize unforeseen emergencies occur from time-to-time. Therefore, the College makes the Alumni Emergency Loan available to any student who can justify the need for this money and show that the need was unanticipated. In order to have a stream of money available for other students who experience of financial crisis, the student must repay the loan in 90 days or less.

The Financial Aid Office administers the Alumni Emergency Loan on a case-by-case basis.


A student is eligible to borrow up to $850 provided:

  1. The need for the loan is due to an unforeseen emergency; 
  2. The loan will be used for educational related expenses; 
  3. The student is enrolled at the time the loan is requested; 
  4. The student’s financial relationship with the College is in good standing. 

You must download the Emergency Loan Application (PDF Format), complete it, and deliver the form to the Financial Aid Office in person, via fax (617-587-5553), or scan to