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Financial Aid Eligibility

The US federal government uses a formula called the Federal Methodology (FM) to determine a US student’s eligibility for need based loans, grants, and Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

To qualify for US federal student assistance you must:

  • be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen 
  • be enrolled as a regular student working towards a degree
  • be enrolled at least half-time, ie, 8 – 15.99 credit hours for fall or spring semesters, or 4.5 – 8.99 credit hours for March or summer terms. (When a student drops to less than half-time study, she or he becomes ineligible for federal aid and enters the student loan grace period.)
  • be making satisfactory academic progress according to the College’s Student Handbook
  • qualify for aid according to federal need analysis
  • not be in default on a previous education loan or owe a repayment of an education grant
  • have a valid social security number
  • be registered with selective service, if required to do so

If you are Canadian or an international applicant from outside the US, please see the “Canadian and Other International Student Aid Information” section in the NECO Financial Aid Handbook.