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Admissions Payment Options:

Payment Options:

Please check the correct payment option:

4 Year Program Application Fee $65.00

ASIP, AODP, MS Application Fee $75.00

  1st Deposit  $1,000.00

2nd  Deposit$1,000.00

Deferal Fee  $500.00

Transfer Application Fee $75


Fill out the following information if paying by Credit Card (online - Otherwise Skip to the bottom):

Credit Card Information: Student Information:
Same as Credit Card Information
Name on Card: Student Name:
Address: Address:
City: City:
State: State:
Zip code: Zip code:
Phone: Phone:
Email address:
Type of Card:
Expiration Date: /
Card Number:
CVV2 Number:**

** The CVV2 number is on the back of the card and is usually a three digit number in your signature box.

Please choose a payment type:  (for credit card, the first button has already been selected)

I am paying by Credit Card and I have filled in all of the information above.

I prefer not to pay online but I would like to pay by Credit Card over the phone.

Students Name:

(Please call (800) 824-5526 or (617) 236-6204 to speak with an Admissions Officer)

I prefer not to pay online.  I would like to pay by Money order or Personal Check.

Students Name:

Please remit payment to:
ATTN: Admissions
New England College of Optometry
424 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02115

I understand that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE