Headshot of Ji Chang He

Ji-Chang He, MS, PhD

  • Research Associate Professor of Vision Sciences


PhD, The University of Chicago

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

Myopia Development
Wavefront Aberration of the Eye
GRIN of the Lens
Color vision

Publications & Presentations

  1. He JC. (2017) A model of the effect of lens development on refraction in schoolchildren. Optometry & Vision Science 94, 1129-1137.
  2. He JC & Wang J. (2014) Measurement of wavefront aberrations and lens deformation in the accommodated eye with optical coherence tomography-equipped wavefront system. Optics Express. 22, 9764-9773.
  3. He JC & Fang YW. (2010) A Method of Scheimpflug Image Processing for Accurate Measurement of Ocular Surfaces. Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery 36, 838-842.
  4. He, JC, Burns, SA & Marcos, S. (2000) Monochromatic aberrations in the accommodated human eye. Vision Research 40, 41-48.
  5. He, JC & Shevell, SK. (1995) Variation in color matching and discrimination among deuteranomalous trichromats: Theoretical implications of small differences in photopigments. Vision Research 35, 2579-2588.