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At New England College of Optometry, we believe strongly in providing opportunities for students to customize their experience. One option available for students is the opportunity to pursue an optional concentration in Pediatric Optometry or Cornea and Contact Lens.

Pediatric Optometry and Cornea and Contact Lens

The concentration programs for Pediatric Optometry and Cornea and Contact Lens allow you to deepen your study in a particular area, focus your education, and better develop your career path. Students are selected for the concentration programs in the spring of the first year. Concentration participants follow the tradition four-year OD curriculum with several additional benefits. Most participants go on to participate in a residency program in their area of concentration following graduation and successful careers. 

Program Highlights

  • Mentorship: Faculty mentor in your area of specialty throughout your tenure at College
  • Curriculum: Targeted coursework in area of specialty including Special Populations courses and electives throughout the four-year OD program
  • Clinical Placements: Focused clinical placements in area of specialty (including placement with mentor) and at least one fourth year rotation placement
  • Extra-Curricular Learning: Seminars outside of class

For more information, contact Concentration Program Director, Gayathri Srinivasan, MS, OD, FAAO.

boy sitting in chair getting eye examined by student

Concentration in Pediatric Optometry

This concentration allows selected students the opportunity to develop strong skills in pediatric optometry throughout their program by providing faculty mentors, targeted coursework, seminars and lectures, and additional opportunities to work with children in a diverse range of clinical pediatric settings such as schools, hospitals, the neighborhood health centers, and private practice.

Learn more about the program in the Pediatric Concentration brochure

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Concentration in Cornea and Contact Lens

This concentration allows selected students the opportunity to develop strong skills in the area of cornea and contact lens optometry throughout their program by providing faculty mentors, targeted coursework, seminars and lectures, and additional opportunities to develop skills in cornea and contact lenses while working in a diverse range of clinical settings.

Program Goals

Five faculty and four students standing together

  • To provide an early and robust exposure to the pediatric specialty or cornea and contact lens specialty of optometry, both didactically and clinically.
  • To better pave the path towards a residency in pediatric optometry or cornea and contact lenses and to graduate highly coveted applicants in this area.
  • To promote better independent learning/decision making skills as well as critical thinking in both didactic and clinical settings
  • To expose students to the world of optometric academia, including clinical research, and potentially shape their career path towards this area. 

Application Process

Formal applications to the concentration program are due February 1st in a student's first year (spring term).

Program Requirements

Interested students are required to schedule and complete a clinical observation with a specific faculty member.  They must have a GPA above 3.0.  Specific experience in working with children, work and interest in contact lenses, and specific documentation and letters of recommendation from professionals who work in your relevant specialty area in some manner would be recommended, but not required. 

To become an efficient Pediatric Optometrist, it’s important to adapt to each child’s needs to gain the necessary information, while also ensuring that they trust you. Such skills can really only be attained through practice and this program offers us extra pediatric clinical sites over the next three years. We’ll be attending different seminars, possibly doing some research, and working exclusively with the Pediatric Residents and other pediatric faculty members here at NECO.

Sarah Miller, Class of 2018, Concentration In Pediatric Optometry