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Mission, Vision, and Values

At New England College of Optometry, our mission, vision, and values guide and shape the work we do and the communities we contribute to and create.

Our Mission  

Changing the way people see the world
through optometric education, discovery and service.

We do so by:  

  • integrating innovative education with early and diverse clinical experiences to prepare students to become outstanding Doctors of Optometry  
  • advancing the frontiers of optometric knowledge through research, and translating that knowledge to improve patients’ lives worldwide  
  • cultivating compassionate care of the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism; influencing public policy; expanding access to comprehensive and specialty optometric services; and instilling sensitivity to the health and social welfare of diverse communities   

Our Vision

New England College of Optometry will continue to be a leading college of optometry in the rapidly evolving world of professional education and healthcare.

Our Values

The following shared beliefs guide our actions, decisions, planning, and interactions with students, patients, faculty, staff, and the community.

• Relationships 

We believe that all relationships matter.   Our identity is rooted in our highly personal, community-oriented ethos. We believe that our relationships with students, patients, clinical affiliates, and each other matter. Each relationship we develop and nurture makes us stronger. 

• Collaboration

We believe people working together towards a common purpose can accomplish far more than adding the contributions of individual efforts. We strive to develop relationships that reflect this belief and pursue meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

• Professionalism

We value a culture of integrity, accountability, proficiency, transparency, and mutual respect in how we work and communicate with one another. We emphasize the importance of experience, competence, resourcefulness, knowledge, and inquiry as we work through a shared vision for the common good. 

• Excellence

We strive to achieve the highest quality standards in patient care and satisfaction, education, and research through continued reflection, assessment, and improvement.  We foster an environment where individuals are encouraged to explore their interests, take risks, develop their intellectual and human potential, and continue to question and make discoveries as lifelong learners. 

• Diversity & Inclusion

We value and respect the diversity of our students, staff, and patients. We help each other develop a greater awareness towards the complexity of individuals, human life, and health and well-being. We seek to learn from one another through our diverse experiences and perspectives and foster an atmosphere of compassion, courtesy, and mutual respect. 

• Social Responsibility

We value our tradition of serving the community and bringing vision care to underserved populations. We integrate knowledge with social responsibility at a local, national, and international level. We encourage engagement and purpose through our commitment to community service. Our work promotes vision health and eye care, education, and advocacy, as we works towards sustainable models of health care delivery. 

• Legacy and Innovation

We recognize that our College has a rich history and honor the best parts of our past. We also realize we are continuously changing and evolving and have an obligation to the future of the institution and our students by being forward-looking in our approach to education, research, patient care, and financial and operational sustainability.