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Outreach Services

New England College of Optometry is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people who are visually impaired. Our goals are to improve access to care, preserve vision and enhance quality of life.

Through on-site comprehensive eye exams, prescription eyeglass services, and screenings, New England College of Optometry and its patient care and clinical affiliates strive to provide comprehensive eye care accessible to all children, as well as the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and homeless individuals. The NECO Center for Eye Care and the NECO Clinical Network have key community outreach services to improve disparities in health and vision:

Pediatric Service

Our Pediatric Service offers comprehensive and preventative vision care for children of all ages. We strive to eliminate or minimize the visual problems many children struggle with on a daily basis. The Pediatric Service offers vision therapy for children whose classroom performance is impeded by focusing, eye teaming, and tracking deficits. We continue to partner with affiliates in public schools, hospitals, and primary care pediatric offices throughout Massachusetts. Our service continues to grow, so that every student is able to experience a diverse, intensive pediatric clinical experience.

Elderly Service

Our Low Vision Service helps people who have reduced vision and who cannot be aided by standard optical correction. By utilizing progressive technology aimed at harnessing a patient’s maximum visual capacity, the Low Vision Service is able to assist patients who have been diagnosed as “partially sighted” or “legally blind.” We provide patents with access to modern equipment including microscopic lenses, hand-held magnifying devices, and special eyeglasses. We also strive to improve the quality of life and increase functional independence for elderly patients with visual impairments.

Individual with Disabilities Service

Our Individuals with Disabilities Service partners with numerous organizations to help the type of special populations that serves as the program’s namesake. IDS is immersed in the care, education, and research of this special population of patients. Since the early 1980s, IDS has treated patients with visual and/or multiple impairments at New England Eye’s Low Vision Clinic at the Perkins School for the Blind. IDS also treats mentally and physical challenged students for vision care at the Cotting School’s Seamark Clinic (Lexington, MA) and the Cardinal Cushing Schools (Hanover, MA).

Homeless Service

Our Homeless Service provides quality eye care to homeless men, women, and children throughout the greater Boston area. Through working directly in the community, the Homeless Service is able to reach this underserved population that typically does not have access to eye care. The Homeless Service continues to expand and enhance its range of care.