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Online College Catalog

For your convenience, you may view a PDF of the New England College of Optometry college catalog as well as an online version below.

Online College Catalog

The College

Faculty Listing

Faculty listed by Academic Departments

Academic Programs

Course Listing

Courses listed by Academic Department

Admissions, Costs, and Financial Aid

Academic Policies

See the Student Handbook to learn more about:

  • Degree Requirements 
  • Student Status Policies and Procedures 
  • Requirements for Student Advancement 
  • Satisfactory Academic Standing/Progress and Financial Aid 
  • Dismissal Policies and Procedures 
  • Grading Policies and Procedures 
  • Clinical Grading 
  • Submitting Grades, Change of Grade Policy, Notification of Grades, and GPA Calculation 
  • Absence Policies and Procedures
  • Miscellaneous Processes and Policies 
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities 



College Policies

College Catalog pdf