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Student Organizations


Executive Student Council 2013-2014  
President Alina Wheeler
Vice President Alexandra Sexton
Treasurer Jessica Leader
Secretary Katherine Schmidt
Media & Clubs Coordinator Caitlin Morrison
Immediate Past President Angel Ciepiela


Class of 2015  
President Ting Zhang
Vice President Stephanie Britton
Class Representative Stacy Hu
Class Representative Joseph Kane
Class Representative Lauren Moses


Class of 2016                   
President  April Johnson
Vice President Abby Raposo
Class Representative Stephan Hanowsky
Class Representative Emily Nangle
Class Representative Trishna Masters


Class of 2017                   
President Sarah Demty
Vice President Katelyn Vilasi
Class Representative Alexa Fox
Class Representative Jesse Hogan
Class Representative Avani Dave




Master Program Representative Ran He
AODP Representative Christina Lord
ASIP Representative Xiaoying Zhu
ASIP 2015 Representative Chinye Otojare



Student Council

The Student Council governs the internal affairs of the student body. The Council consists of twenty-three voting members and is made up of the Executive Board; representatives from ODI, ODII, ODIII classes; the Accelerated OD and Advanced Standing International Programs;

Student Council organizes student legislation, activities, the annual Halloween and Holiday parties, the Eye Ball, and the yearbook. At the fall budget meeting, Council members allocate funds from student activity fees to the various school organizations.

The Council also meets periodically with school administrators to help set policy concerning student interests, and oversees the election of student representatives to administrative committees such as Curriculum, Student Affairs and Financial Aid. The president of the Student Council is a voting member of the Board of Trustees.

To see the Student Council Bylaws, click here (NOTE: it is in PDF Format). For more information see the Student Handbook, or contact a Student Council Member.

American Academy of Optometry

The major goal of the American Academy of Optometry is to maintain and enhance excellence in standards of optometric practice. It does this by fostering research and the dissemination of knowledge in both basic and applied vision science. Since its founding in 1922, the Academy’s success in achieving this objective has moved it to the forefront of American and international optometry and made fellowship in the Academy a significant and cherished attainment for optometrists and vision scientists.

For more information see the handbook or contact the AAO student representative.

American Optometric Student Association

The American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) is the international professional organization for optometric students and is often an initial exposure to organized optometry. The AOSA is headed by an Executive Council (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and a Board of Trustees representing each school or college of optometry. Every student at the College becomes a member of AOSA when his/her activity fee is paid. In return, members receive the AOSA newspaper Foresight and other benefits including penlights, T-shirts, and clipboards.

More importantly, the AOSA represents student interests to a variety of organizations including the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, International Association of the Board, Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry and various sections of the American Optometric Association. The AOSA also sponsors the Annual Conference. The Conference, besides being a great time, affords students the opportunity to attend informative classes, become familiar with various products and manufacturers, and meet fellow students from other schools and colleges of optometry.

For more information contact the AOSA student trustee.

Beta Sigma Kappa

The Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Fraternity is an elite group of Optometrists and Optometry students who are dedicated to stimulating scientific and clinical excellence and high moral standards in the profession.

The organization is involved in a variety of academic activities, such as National Board of Examiners in Optometry review sessions, group seminars on special testing techniques, and tutoring. It supports optometric research by awarding grants each year to deserving student projects, and it also presents the Silver Medal Award to the graduating senior with the highest academic record.

Another aspect of the BSK member’s mission is volunteering for worthy community projects. In addition to its academic goals, the fraternity encourages social interaction among students.

Membership eligibility consists of a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 after the first year, 3.4 after the second year, and 3.3 after the third year. POD students are eligible with a minimum GPA of 3.5 after the first year and 3.3 after the second year. International program students are eligible with a minimum GPA of 3.3 after the first year.

Membership is for life, as are the standards advocated by the organization. For further information, contact Dr. Nicole Quinn.

College of Optometrists in Vision Development

The COVD-NECO-Special Intrest Group is a chapter for COVD at The New England College of Optometry. There are currently 16 other chapters across the country at various optometry schools.

COVD-NECO-SIG serves as an advocate for comprehensive vision care with an emphasis on a developmental and behavioral approach to patient care; provides an education opportunity to share programs and information in the areas of behavioral vision care, vision therapy and related fields; and provides and promotes professional standards of behavior among members of the student organization and the general public.

Membership in COVD is required to be a member of the club. Applications will be distributed at the first meeting of each year and to anyone who is interested in joining thereafter.

The faculty advisor for COVD is Dr. Richard Laudon.

Massachusetts Society of Optometrists

The Massachusetts Society of Optometrists is dedicated to the fulfillment of quality vision and eye care needs of all the public. To achieve this goal, the MSO seeks to unite all Massachusetts optometrists in their effort to practice the highest standard of care through support of continuing education and research. The MSO promotes full scope of practice by all Doctors of Optometry in fulfilling their goal as primary health care providers through public education as well as legislative, legal and other pursuits. The MSO is also dedicated to promoting the success of its members in professional life.

The MSO is the legal watchdog for the profession in Massachusetts. It is intimately involved with legislative affairs, professional ethics, community health and education, practice enhancement, and a variety of other member’s services. The MSO is the primary source of information in optometry for both the general public and the optometrists of Massachusetts. It provides special recognition to distinguished contributors to optometry, and in this capacity it has honored several members of the College’s faculty and administration

National Optometric Student Association

The National Optometric Student Association (NOSA) promotes the delivery of vision care to minority communities through consumer education, legislative advocacy and minority recruitment and retention activities. The Association informs minority community members about vision protection, and works to raise legislators’ awareness of minority consumers’ visual needs. NOSA’s recruitment efforts include talks with elementary, high school and college students.

NOSA is affiliated with the National Optometric Association, an organization of optometrists of color. For further information or questions about becoming an active member, contact the NOSA president.

Performance Vision Club

Objectives of the Performance Vision Club (PVC) are to serve all patients in the community to improve their visual performance; to inform the public of preventative measures to ensure proper eye safety and to reduce the risk of eye injury; to promote professional standards of behavior and mutual respect among members, and to promote professional standards of behavior among members of the student organization and the general public.

Meetings can feature speakers, screenings, observations, examinations (childhood to adult), and sporting events. For more information, please contact the PVC president. The faculty advisor for PVC is Dr. Walter Potaznick

VOSH/New England

VOSH/New England is the largest student run organization at NECO, involving both students and optometrists. VOSH’s purpose is to deliver eye care to those who lack access to such services for financial or other reasons. SVOSH offers free eye health screenings throughout Massachusetts. We work closely with the Lions Club, providing them with screenings as they provide us with used eyeglasses to be distributed in an underprivileged country.

All NECO students are encouraged to join VOSH, both to better their clinical skills and to help others. As a VOSH member you will get early hands on experience by seeing patients of all ages at local screenings as well as the opportunity to see patients in other countries during the annual trip.

During the past several years, active VOSH members will have seen patients in the cities of Merida and Chetumal, Mexico. The trips offer tremendous clinical experience and will give over 5,000 people eye exams. If you are interested joining VOSH, please contact the VOSH president or vice president.

For more information click here