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College of Optometrists in Vision Department

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) is a non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate and supplement education about behavioral and developmental vision care and vision therapy through presentations and speakers.

COVD holds 2-3 events throughout the semester, which are open to the entire student body and faculty. These events feature prominent authors of vision therapy books that have undergone vision therapy themselves, and have presentations and Q&A sessions to gain different perspectives. In the Spring, COVD hosts a Grand Rounds in Vision Therapy, where NECO students on their vision therapy rotation present interesting cases they have encountered. At this fun event, students enjoy dinner and learn more about developmental vision care and how optometrists treat binocular vision anomalies. COVD also hosts a discussion panel with various ODs in vision therapy, in order to seek more knowledge about the business and personal aspect of VT from a practitioner’s perspective.

Current Presidents: Jesse Hogan, Class of 2017, Sari Schwartz, Class of 2017  
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Laudon