The Halfway Mark image

The Halfway Mark

As I push my way through a sea of winter jackets, I finally reach the railing. Panting for breath, I peer out onto the long strip of pavement that denotes the path for the 118th Boston Marathon. I look to my right in anticipation of the racers cresting the hill, but my gaze is only met by a blazing…   Read More

Winter Study Weather image

Winter Study Weather

It’s been cold and snowy here in Boston the past few weeks, which makes me, hailing from Buffalo, feel right at home. It’s also February, a little over a month away from Part 1 of our Board exams, which means that the stress of the class of 2015 is at an all-time high. We have all become very…   Read More

Stuck in Limbo

Sprinting through January in the blink of an eye, we barely caught our breath between an action-packed ski trip to Killington, Vermont, and the glittery excitement of Vegas Night held each year at our school. In contrast, February seems like a sticky mud puddle impeding your every step. As I pass…   Read More

Boston Strong!

To say the City of Boston has been filled with excitement this week would be an understatement. With the World Series in our back yard, the cool, crisp weather rolling in, and midterms being over (for us NECO kids), everyone has been in a great mood. I will admit it, I am not a Red Sox fan, but with…   Read More

Goodbye Summer… Hello Boston!

I enjoyed some rest and relaxation these past few weeks, as I have been getting ready to head back to Boston! My last day working at the clinic in Florida seemed like it came too fast, but it was a great experience being able to volunteer there this summer. As I have mentioned in my previous entries,…   Read More

My Boston Bucket List

Ahhh, summer time; complete with hot weather, cold ice cream and, best of all, time for leisurely pursuits. Perhaps you fancy a chair by the pool, a family vacation trip, or a chance to earn some cold hard cash (to pay off those student loans)? I, for one, am seizing my precious spare time to focus…   Read More

Of Snow and Sun

As I peered out my apartment window the morning of February 9th, the familiar street had been replaced by a winter wonderland. A single person appeared to bravely fight a losing battle, wielding his shovel against a thick white blanket covering his car. Blizzard Nemo had done its work, leaving Boston…   Read More

The Best of Summer in Boston

There are so many things I love about living in Boston. It’s a big city, but it really never feels like one–its small neighborhoods and walkability keeps it from feeling oppressively large like New York. It’s beautiful; buildings aren’t just thrown together haphazardly, but, especially in…   Read More

First Summer in Boston

Summer in Boston feels surreal. Classes and labs are suspended, summer jobs have started, and the absence of studying is a strange, if transient, relief. This will be my only summer at NECO without classes or clinic, and I have been urged strongly to take advantage of it by working, exploring, and…   Read More