Home Sweet Boston: 70 cent avocados, free Kelly Clarkson concert, $9 Red Sox tickets, and more! image

Home Sweet Boston: 70 cent avocados, free Kelly Clarkson concert, $9 Red Sox tickets, and more!

One of the reasons I decided to come to NECO was its location in the heart of Boston. Having attending Boston College for 4 years, many of my friends and family asked if I really wanted to commit to staying in Boston for 3-4 more years. There was never any hesitation when it came to this question…   Read More

Adventures of Second Year image

Adventures of Second Year

With 2017 in full swing, my spring semester at NECO has just begun. I have already attended numerous events sponsored by the student clubs. One of the most recent events was Casino Night held by the VOSH organization to help fundraise for their upcoming mission trip. NECO was transformed into a casino…   Read More

Beyond the Books and Brains of Grad School image

Beyond the Books and Brains of Grad School

All grad school students would agree that their respective programs require a serious dedication of time and focus to their studies. Optometry school is absolutely no exception to this. Although I am incredibly grateful for the learning opportunities that NECO gave me during my first semester, I would…   Read More

Boston, I’m Falling For You image

Boston, I’m Falling For You

The semester so far has been an exciting one in a lot of ways. Midterms have come and gone (my second to last round of midterms ever!) and finals are already looming on the horizon. I am coming to the realization that in about four months I will be writing Part 1 of my board examinations and I will…   Read More

Thankful for a Beautiful Boston image

Thankful for a Beautiful Boston

In the midst of the semester, we often find ourselves incredibly focused on studying for midterm week and practicing our clinical skills for proficiency examinations. A common misconception for prospective students is that graduate school leaves no room for events outside of school. One of the most…   Read More

Finding Family at NECO image

Finding Family at NECO

As my third week as an OD1 concludes, I can say with confidence that my NECO experience so far has surpassed any expectations I had prior to starting the program. In terms of the tangible changes I’ve experienced, I made my largest financial investment after choosing my diagnostic kit, which consists…   Read More

First Steps Towards Becoming an OD1 image

First Steps Towards Becoming an OD1

Just this past May, I was driving away from the last dorm I’d ever call home. It was on the day of my graduation from Boston College (BC), a place where I had found my niche and formed meaningful relationships. After a long day of commencement ceremonies, my status at BC quickly changed from…   Read More

Places in Boston to Go When You Visit NECO

That critical moment when you realize you’ve just entered the last summer of your academic life is daunting to say the least. Between OD2 and OD3, students get about 6 weeks of vacation time before starting summer session classes. Since rotations start in a year, it’s presumably the last “summer…   Read More

No Further Bets! image

No Further Bets!

As I ascend the famed mahogany staircase, I once again find myself standing in what used to be NECO’s foyer, now transformed into Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. This is all part of Alcon Night, a yearly fundraiser by VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) to help fund a medical mission…   Read More

Making Waves image

Making Waves

A slight gust of warm wind gently tickles my face. I raise my head from the beach chair to leisurely observe my toes peeking out from a pair of flip-flops. The bright sun hovers high overhead in a cloudless, clear blue sky, indicating around noontime. I watch hypnotically as the waves wash against…   Read More