Academy Approaches: The Road to Anaheim image

Academy Approaches: The Road to Anaheim

Being a third year Optometry student means that, in a lot of ways, my workload is lighter. The idea behind this is that more time is being spent in clinic and preparing independently for board examinations. With the extra time I’ve had, I have also been trying to get more involved in the various…   Read More

I’ll Have on My Coat and Tie! image

I’ll Have on My Coat and Tie!

With September winding down, the time has finally come! No, I’m not talking about cooler weather, but about finally receiving our white coats! With families and friends traveling from all over the country to attend the ceremony, it will be an unforgettable to remember. NECO is unique in a…   Read More

Finding Family at NECO image

Finding Family at NECO

As my third week as an OD1 concludes, I can say with confidence that my NECO experience so far has surpassed any expectations I had prior to starting the program. In terms of the tangible changes I’ve experienced, I made my largest financial investment after choosing my diagnostic kit, which consists…   Read More

My VOSH Trip to the Dominican Republic image

My VOSH Trip to the Dominican Republic

The beginning of April in the third year of optometry school is always greatly anticipated if you are part of SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) at NECO. It is when the optometric mission trip happens for third years that have completed their required hours over the course of…   Read More

First Steps Towards Becoming an OD1 image

First Steps Towards Becoming an OD1

Just this past May, I was driving away from the last dorm I’d ever call home. It was on the day of my graduation from Boston College (BC), a place where I had found my niche and formed meaningful relationships. After a long day of commencement ceremonies, my status at BC quickly changed from…   Read More

Clinic to Win It image

Clinic to Win It

Four weeks of break, seven weeks of classes, and two weeks of summer later, the fall semester has officially begun for the second year students! Do you know what this means? No, not the end of summer – the start of clinic! Seeing patients, shadowing doctors, learning new equipment; this is where…   Read More

OD3: A Summer Retrospective image

OD3: A Summer Retrospective

This summer was the start of my third year in the OD program and time just flew by! Being in the OD/MS program, I spent almost the whole summer in Boston, working on my research for the first half and then completing the summer academic semester during the second half. Although Boston is beautiful…   Read More

One Year Down, Many to Go image

One Year Down, Many to Go

And with a blink of an eye, my first year at NECO comes to an end. It amazes me at the amount of information I learned in just one year. From learning the anatomy of the eye to all of the entrance testings, from becoming proficient on using the phoropter to working the slit lamp, we pretty much mastered…   Read More

Making It to the Halfway Point image

Making It to the Halfway Point

Well, we did it! In 3 very long weeks, we conquered 2 proficiencies and 6 exams, accompanied by seemingly endless stress and frustration. But we did it! We made it through to the end of the current academic year and we now can officially call ourselves third year optometry students.   Read More

E Pluribus Unum image

E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. Only four short years ago, each of us arrived in Boston on our own, bringing with us our unique backgrounds, experiences and expectations. We entered the imposing iron gates of NECO alone, each wondering what fate awaited us beyond our first day. Yet here we are, sitting together…   Read More