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Bruce Moore, OD

Research Profile

OD, New England College of Optometry (Massachusetts College of Optometry)


Dr. Moore’s career as a pediatric optometrist has been devoted to studying the visual problems and therapeutic options for infants and young children with ocular anomalies. He is active in research and policy efforts to design effective screening programs for infants and young children. And he is involved in efforts to develop a broader and more effective program of vision care for young children on the local, state and national levels.

Research Interests

He is a principal investigator for the federally funded multi-center study of vision screening in children, the Vision in Preschoolers (VIP) Study. This project aims to develop a battery of screening procedures for broad use in the pre-school population in the US and beyond.

His latest research focuses on answering the following question: Do uncorrected hyperopic (far-sighted) children without other major vision problems perform worse on educational tests than do comparable children with normal vision? This will resolve a question that has resisted easy resolution: Does a significant refractive error play an important role in a child’s early education?

Dr. Moore is also a scientific advisor and clinical participant in international research projects funded by the World Bank, Oxford University in the UK, and UNESCO. These projects are focused on providing vision care to children in the developing world, in places where access to eye care is limited or absent.


Catherine Johnson
Stacy Lyons
Nicole Quinn
Joshua Silver (Oxford University)
Leon Ellwein (former Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health)
Nathan Congdon (Hong Kong)
Ming Guang He (Guangzhou, China)

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