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As one of the country’s oldest continuously operating optometry schools, we understand what it takes to make an outstanding optometrist.  Our curriculum focuses on early and comprehensive clinical training in combination with timely and relevant classroom instruction.  With over 150 clinical internship sites throughout the country and abroad, NECO provides an unparalleled diversity of clinical training that begins in your very first weeks here.  As a NECO student living in Boston, you’ll have access not only to unrivaled experiences as a clinical intern, but also to a vibrant, diverse city with a great nightlife and rich culture. 


At the heart of our longevity and success is the importance of personal connection – between our students and our staff, between our clinicians and our patients.  Our faculty and clinicians are passionate about their work, dedicated to teaching, and care about their patients.  When you become a student at NECO, you become part of a community that values personal connection and a mutual responsibility to one another and to the community beyond.   


To learn more about our academic programs, please visit our Educational Programs page.  To learn more about our community, please visit our social media dashboard, NECO424.


The College is located in a city that is synonymous with world-class hospitals and great medical care. Students work with patients of all types in the community health centers and other settings along with residents and interns from many disciplines and specialties.

Classes are taught by some of the best scientists and clinicians in their field, relating the latest concepts with care and attention. These faculty are available to students to answer their questions and help them shape their goals for their future. The College emphasizes small group instruction where students are encouraged to think through clinical case problems, integrating basic science and clinical observation to solve the problems of potential patients.

New students have the opportunity to perform visual screenings within a few months of their arrival, and become involved in this aspect of their education earlier than students at other optometry schools. Students quickly build up a level of proficiency so they can accept more and more responsibility for patient care. By the time they reach the all-clinical final year, they will have had the opportunity to examine a significant number of patients in some of the most interesting eye care settings imaginable such as: metropolitan Boston community health centers, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and Community Based Outpatient Clinics, multidisciplinary private practices, clinics for handicapped children, local Boston medical centers and New England Eye (NEI), our own teaching and training eye care sites.


The New England College of Optometry is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) of the American Optometric Association (a member of the Council of Post-Secondary Accreditation) and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc. (NEASC).