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New England Eye

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New England Eye refers to our comprehensive vision centers at New England Eye Commonwealth and New England Eye Roslindale. They are part of the NECO Clinical Network that includes our mobile clinic, our specialized locations at Southeastern MA and Framingham, as we’ll as many additional clinical affiliates and community partnerships.

New England Eye Comprehensive Vision Centers

New England Eye Commonwealth and New England Eye Roslindale are our two flagship comprehensive vision centers, owned and operated by the College. At New England Eye Commonwealth and Roslindale, our doctors and students seek to improve the visual health of diverse populations through excellence in collaborative and community patient care. Most of our students do at least one clinical placement at our flagship locations during their time at the College. Visit the New England Eye website.

  • New England Eye Commonwealth is located on Commonwealth Ave, a mile from the main campus. New England Eye Commonwealth will soon house our Clinical Campus, comprised of three parts: a new flagship clinic and dispensary currently under construction, a clinical annex that will offer rehabilitative vision services and clinical research, and our state-of-the-art clinical training facility for students.
  • New England Eye Roslindale is located on Washington Street in Roslindale, a neighborhood of Boston. These teaching facilities provides a complete range of eye care services including comprehensive exams, contact lens services, low vision care, pediatric care, vision therapy, and refractive surgery evaluations. 

New England College of Optometry Clinical Network

New England Eye is part of the New England College of Optometry (NECO) Clinical Network (formerly known as the New England Eye Network). The NECO Clinical Network is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of New England College of Optometry.  In addition to the comprehensive vision centers at Commonwealth and Roslindale, the NECO Clinical Network includes the NECO Mobile Eye Clinic that travels throughout the state to schools and senior centers and specialized locations at New England Eye SEMA, Southeastern Massachusetts (serving the vision care needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities) and New England Eye Framingham (located in the Framingham public schools). 

The NECO Clinical Network is one of the largest providers of optometric services in Massachusetts with nearly 90,000 patient visits annually in more than 43 locations, including many of Greater Boston's community health centers.  Learn more about our clinical network. 

During my special populations rotation, I had an incredible experience working on the mobile clinic while providing ocular health examinations to children throughout the surrounding areas of Boston. This clinic site helped me to communicate more directly with children and to become a better clinician. It also allowed me to help populations that are in need of primary ocular care.
Tim Bossie