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About New England Eye

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New England Eye is the patient care and clinical education affiliate of the New England College of Optometry. It is one of the largest providers of optometric services in Massachusetts with nearly 90,000 patient visits annually in more than 43 locations, including many of Greater Boston’s community health centers. By placing an emphasis on community-oriented primary care, New England Eye is helping New England College of Optometry train the next generation of optometrists in fostering exceptional eye health, providing community outreach and providing leadership in building public health policies that represent all people.

New England Eye: Our Teaching Clinic

Through the New England Eye network, New England College of Optometry students experience a full range of patient-care needs by doing clinical work at a variety of locations and seeing a diverse patient base.  Students receive hands-on training by working directly with affiliated faculty at the clinics, schools, and centers as they provide comprehensive eye care to the community.  Each student's experience is unique as clinical work can include placements at our comprehensive vision centers, mobile clinic, community health centers, VA hospitals, academic medical centers, special-needs-based schools and rehabilitation centers, senior centers, and homeless shelters. Learn more about the New England Eye Network. 

During my special populations rotation, I had an incredible experience working on the mobile clinic while providing ocular health examinations to children throughout the surrounding areas of Boston. This clinic site helped me to communicate more directly with children and to become a better clinician. It also allowed me to help populations that are in need of primary ocular care.
Tim Bossie