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February 20, 2014 - Frank Thorn was a keynote speaker

Frank Thorn was a keynote speaker at the Wenzhou Medical University-Essilor International Research Center (WEIRC) Myopia Conference on January 18 in Wenzhou, China. In his presentation, Dr. Thorn used mathematical modeling to describe how to use special curve fitting techniques to analyze children¹s longitudinal myopia refraction data. He also spoke about how researchers can use higher moment analysis of large cross-sectional samples of refraction data to understand when and how myopia develops in children. The WEIRC is a collaborative effort between Wenzhou Medical University and the Essilor Corporation, who together launched the expanded research center last summer. Other presenters included Dr. Xiantian Zhou of Wenzhou and Frank Schaeffel of Germany, who spoke on how the neuromodulator, dopamine, and bright light can reduce myopia progression.



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