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November 13, 2012 - Residents Education Enhancement Program


On November 3, thirty-two NECO-affiliated residents were welcomed by Dr. Doug
Hoffman to the annual Residents Education Enhancement Program. Dr. David Mills
presented two lectures on effective coding and practice management and on evaluating
practice opportunities. They also received a lecture by Dr. Aurora Denial discussing the
principles of designing a successful abstract.
Dr. Hoffman, NECO Director of Residencies, closed out the presentations by sharing
advice on clinical precepting. The residents ended the day by meeting with final year
students to answer questions about the benefits of residency training and to help them
navigate the process of residency applications.
The New England College of Optometry Residency Program is an opportunity extended
to optometric graduates to enhance their skills within a variety of clinical settings. Click
here to learn more about residency opportunities.



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