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April 17, 2011 - Maj. Jinjong Chung, OD '94

Maj. Jinjong 

Maj. Jinjong Chung, OD, NECO ’94, is leading The Army Surgeon General’s project for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

“As part of the Army’s effort into providing care for TBI patients, the Army optometrist has to be prepared to recognize and manage these patients, “Maj. Chung said.

In addition to having headaches or general problems with comprehension, attention, concentration, or memory, TBI patients commonly suffer functional vision difficulties including focusing problems, double vision, difficulty reading, sensitivity to light, aching eyes or loss of visual field.

The Army TBI Vision Rehabilitation Program consists of educating optometrists and other rehabilitation providers such as occupational therapists about the common vision problems related to TBI.

The concept is to provide coordinated multidisciplinary care, with optometrists diagnosing visual problems and then working with the rehabilitation providers to administer the prescribed therapy.

Following the exam protocols, Army optometrists or ophthalmologists will diagnose TBI-related vision conditions and then, as appropriate, provide a range of vision correction measures (from lenses to prisms), and, if appropriate, initiate a program of vision rehabilitation.

A step-by-step “vision rehab toolkit” for providers who do not routinely provide functional eye exams and rehabilitation is being prepared by Maj. Chung and widely-published vision researcher Mitchell Scheiman, OD, of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

“This toolkit will provide a common language and reference source for the multidisciplinary team,” Maj. Chung said.



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