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March 31, 2011 - Dr. Moore & Self-Refracting Glasses



Dr. Bruce Moore and co-investigators recently completed a study to determine the accuracy of self-refracting glasses in myopic teenagers in the Boston area.   In many developing countries, uncorrected refractive error is a major cause of correctible “blindness”. This is due to an insufficient health care and economic infrastructure to provide refractive services and eyeglasses to the populace.


Dr. Josh Silver, a physicist from the University of Oxford in England has developed Adspecs, inexpensive, focusable glasses that can be mass produced and distributed in areas of the world where there are no refractionists. The wearer adjusts the lens to produce their clearest focus then lock the prescription in place. 


A chance meeting at a VOSH conference four years ago resulted in a visit to Oxford by Dr. Moore and Dr. Erik Weissberg that initiated an ongoing collaboration between Dr. Silver’s lab at Oxford and the New England College of Optometry directed at developing the process of self-refraction in myopic children. The World Bank has funded these ongoing studies, which have as its Boston clinical site investigators Drs. Moore, Catherine Johnson, Stacy Lyons, Jackie Kong, Nicole Quinn, and Paulette Tattersal, the project coordinator


Dr Moore will be presenting the results of the study at the Oxford Conference on Vision for Children in the Developing World in April, and to plan an extensive series of further studies to take place at NECO and Oxford with extensive field work on location at sites in the developing world. To see the Adspecs, click on the link below:



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