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Bibliography of Library Resources for the Community Analysis Project

The following is a bibliography of Library resources in print that are available to help with your Community Analysis Project. There are also various online resources available.

U.S. Directories

REF RA 977 .Am3
American Hospital Association. AHA guide to the health care field.  Chicago, The Association.

Directory of hospitals, health care systems, networks, alliances, health organizations, agencies and providers.

REF RE940 .B6
The blue book of optometrists: who's who in optometry.  New York: The Professional Press.

Listings for optometrists in the US accessible by state and city. Also includes state board of examiners, state optometry laws, licensure by reciprocity, and listings of organizations and other resources.


REF R712 .A2M39
Folio's Medical Directory Massachusetts. Hyannis, MA: Folio Associates.

Massachusetts' comprehensive listing of physicians organized by name, town or specialty and  health care resources including hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, ambulatory care centers and group practices. Health care resources are also listed by town.

REF R712 .A2M37
Folio Directory of Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Dentists and Optometrists: Massachusetts. Hyannis, MA: Folio Associates.

Massachusetts' comprehensive listing of non-physician healthcare providers organized by name, town and practice.  Also includes directory information on state health-related agencies, national and state professional organizations.

REF RA 413.5 .U5 N38
The national directory of managed care organizations. Manasquan (NJ): Managed Care Information Center.

Detailed profiles of managed care organizations includes addresses, officers, plan benefits, types of coverage, etc.

REF RE22 .R43
The red book of ophthalmologists: who's who in ophthalmology. New York: Jobson Publishing.

Listings for ophthalmologists in the US and Puerto Rico accessible by state and city. Also includes listings for state ophthalmologic associations, other vision related organizations, institutes, foundations, and resources.


U.S. General Overview

RE959.3 .B97
Classe, John G, Thal, Lawrence, S., et. al.  Business Aspects of Optometry. Philadephia: Butterworth Heinemann.

Text includes chapters on "Practice Demographics", "Purchasing an Eye Care Practice", "Deciding Where to Practice" and several other chapters that describe considerations and choices for an optometrist in determining where and what type of practice.

U.S. Statistical Resources

REF RE959 .C37
American Optometric Association. Career advocate for the new practitioner. St. Louis: The Association.

Information for students making the transition from the optometry school to practice includes information on career options, finding a practice location, starting a practice, third party programs, dispensing and more.

American Optometric Association. Caring for the eyes of America: a profile of the optometric profession. St. Louis: The Association.

Overall statistical information about the optometric profession in the US. [The older editions are also available and provide some different information than the current edition.]

REF RA410.7.H77 2000
Health Services and Resources Administration. Bureau of Health Professions. HRSA State Health Workforce Data Resource Guide. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000.

Listings of data sources for public and private sources includes information including address and directory information, content of offerings, availability and other useful notes. CD-Server Marco Center


CD-Server Marco Center
Health Services and Resources Administration. Bureau of Health Professions. HRSA State Health Workforce Profiles. [Database on CD-ROM]. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000.

Each report of over 100 pages includes information on health resources in the state plus a full page of information on each health profession including optometrists.


REF RA407.3 .H23
Morgan, Kathleen O'Leary and Scott Morgan, ed(s). Health care state rankings: Health care in the 50 United States. Lawrence, KS: Morgan Quinto Press.

Rankings of the 50 states in various health care categories including: Health Insurance, HMOs, Managed Care Organizations, Optometrists,and Expenditures on Vision Products. Rankings typically accompanied by percentages, rates, and total expenditures/income.

REF RA407.3 .H43
Health, United States, with Chartbook on Trends in the Health of America. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

Presents national trends in health statistics in 151 detailed tables on health status and determinants, utilization of health resources, health care resources and health care expenditures. Most recent editions are available online at


CDROM RA 413 .T89
Jobson Optical Research. Managed vision care report: a special report. NY: Jobson Publishing.

Statistical reports on vision care within managed care and the interaction of optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians with this development.


REF HA202 .S78
Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department. Statistical abstract of the United States. Washington : GPO.

Overall statistical information including national expenditures on vision products and summary of taxable firms including optometrists' offices. Available online at

Edlow RC, Markus GR. State of the Profession 2008. Optometry 2008 June;79(6):337-343.

Summary statistical data of the optometric profession based on surveys conducted by the American Optometric Association includes discussion and statistics about ophthalmic markets, workforce, eye examinations, income and more.  Available in Library stacks and online at


CDROM HD 9707 .U6.U855 2004
2004 US Optical Retailer Directory.
New York, Jobson Optical Research, 2004.

Includes an overview and statistics of retail sales, spectacle lens sales and trends, optical markets and listings of optical manufacturers and retailers.



Canadian Resources

REF RE 959.3 .C36
Canadian handbook of optometry. Waterloo, Ontario: Canadian Association of Optometry Students.

Reference source that includes comprehensive information about the demographics, scope of practice, fee schedules, regulatory guidelines, and requirements for every province in Canada.


REF RA 410.9.C2 .C36
Canada's health care providers. Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Explores health care teams and  how they are organized and who are part of these teams and focuses on the work life and health of these professionals. Also available from:


REF RA 978.C3 .C36 2003
Canadian Health Facilities Directory. 
5th ed. Toronto: Business Information Group, 2002.

Includes listings of all hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and laboratories in Canada. Listings include description of services, size, staff, and many other details.


REF RA 395.C3 H43
Health care in Canada. Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Part A includes information on safety of patients in the Canadian health system. Part B examines the health system ,its resources, costs, and expenditures. Available from:


REF RA 449 .C66 1999
Toward a healthy future: second report on the health of Canadians. Ottawa: Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health for the meeting of Ministers of Health, 1999.

This report looks at the indicators of health among Canadian and the implications for the future. Available from



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