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Library News for 2009

Archival Photos on Display

What was it like to be a student here in 1937? To be a professor in 1900? As you enter the Library, please take a look at the display case to your left. These newly-restored historical photos of life at the College are selections from the recently established New England College of Optometry Archives, which was made possible by a grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The display will change periodically, so check back often!


Extended Hours for Mid-Term Exams

Beginning on Monday, October 12, the library will be open for extended hours as follows:

Mon. -- Fri., 10/12 -- 10/16: 7:30 am -- 10 pm

Sat., 10/17: 9 am -- 6 pm

Sun., 10/18: 11 am -- 8 pm

Mon. -- Thu., 10/19 -- 10/22: 7:30 am -- 10 pm

Fri., 10/23: 7:30 am -- 7 pm

The Marco Center opens at the same time as the Library during this period. Regular hours will resume on Saturday, October 24.

Good luck with exams!


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