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Home Page Beta Test Period Extended

If you haven't already tested it, please check it out here:

Library Home Page Beta Test

Once you've done so, please don't forget to let us know what you think by completing our survey:

Beta Home Page Survey

Thanks for your help!


Marco Center Classes

The Marco Center will be closed for classes the following times this week:

Mon., Jan. 12 : 8:30am -- 10 am
Mon., Jan. 12 : 10:30am -- 12pm

Tue., Jan. 13 : 10:30am -- 12pm
Tue., Jan. 13 : 5:15pm -- 6:45pm

Wed., Jan. 14 : 5:15pm -- 6:45pm

Thu., Jan. 15 : 8:30am -- 10 am
Thu., Jan. 15 : 10:30am -- 12pm

Fri., Jan. 16 : 8:30am -- 10 am
Fri., Jan. 16 : 10:30am -- 12pm

Please plan accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Library Home Page Beta Test

We've completed our revisions to the Library home page, and now we need to know what you think! Please help us out by being one of our beta testers.

All we ask is that you use the following page as your entry page to the Library web site for a few days:

Library Home Page Beta Test

Bookmark this page, make it the home page on your computer, or just make a point to access it from the above link, as an alternative to the current library home page. Then please take a few minutes to complete the following survey between now and January 23:

Beta Home Page Survey

The current library home page ( will remain unchanged until this process is completed. Also, the beta page will include a link back to the existing home page, in the upper left corner, just below the library hours.

Thanks for your help!


Spring Semester Hours Begin Jan. 5

Mon. -- Thu. : 8:30 am -- 9 pm

Fri. : 8:30 am -- 7 pm

Sat. -- Sun. : 11 am -- 6 pm


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