New England College of Optometry is a professional graduate school located in Boston’s Historic Back Bay. The College seeks a professional and diligent individual for a full time housekeeper position, responsible for cleaning and maintenance campus facilities, equipment and adjacent ground areas. Responsibilities include: floor and rug cleaning; cleaning and sanitizing rest rooms, drinking fountains, etc.; cleaning and polishing furniture; moving and setting up office furniture, and other furniture and equipment needed for college functions and operations. Seasonal snow removal is also required. These tasks are completed in accordance with established schedules and procedures. The physical demands of this position range from LIGHT to MEDIUM HEAVY. The heaviest physical demands are required during the moving and handling of cleaning equipment and furniture, especially up stairways in buildings where elevators are not available. These activities require lifting and handling from 25 to 75 pounds on an occasional to frequent basis. Heavier tasks may require the assistance of (2) or more co-workers. This position is an essential employee and may be required to perform work on days when the college is closed.

Essential Functions:

  1. Safely performs all floor maintenance in accordance with industry standards, operating light and heavy (industrial type) machines and attachments in accordance with all safety rules and regulations including OSHA regulations.
  2. Scrub, strip, wax and polish floors using heavy (industrial type) powered scrubbers and buffers in accordance with all safety rules.
  3. Shampoos rugs using shampooing equipment following all operating and safety instructions.
  4. Physically moves office other furniture as needed. Moves custodial equipment upstairs in areas where elevators are not available.
  5. Uses equipment such as floor buffers, wet/dry vacuums, shampoo equipment, snow blowers and shovels. Small hand tools may be required to perform a variety of equipment adjustments and maintenance tasks. Dollies, hand trucks, and rolling carts, etc. are used to assist in furniture and equipment movement.
  6. Properly cares for and maintains the equipment under their charge, vacuums, floor machines, etc.
  7. Uniforms will be provided and are required to be worn at all times. Employee is responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of their uniforms. Eye and hearing protection will need to be worn during certain tasks.
  8. Responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of buildings and adjacent ground areas. Empties and cleans interior and exterior waste baskets, smoking urns, and receptacles and delivers waste to designated collecting area. Maintains and monitors immediate building exterior.
  9. Cleans and polishes office furniture: e.g. desks, tables, book cases and file cabinets. Responsible for detail work: e.g. polishing brass, stainless steel, and drinking fountains.
  10. Cleans and dusts ledges, corners, baseboards, and all furniture without disturbing customer’s personal belongings.
  11. Cleans and maintains a (clean for health) sanitary condition in both wash and rest rooms, drinking fountains, locker rooms, etc.  Participates in training to keep and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain current with standard operational practices and revised standards.
  12. Follows proper clean-up and recycling procedures as well as observe all safety rules and regulations (including OSHA regulations) while handling and/or caring for NECO tools and equipment, to avoid injury to self and others.
  13. Reports building damages, malfunctioning equipment, needed maintenance and/or repairs in assigned work areas.
  14. Moves and sets up furniture and equipment associated with on-going college operations and functions as per building specifications and frequencies. Performs light furniture moves in assigned buildings for cleaning and safety concerns.
  15. Responds to campus cleaning emergencies and emergency call-in situations.
  16. Properly uses and cares for tools, radios and equipment.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. A minimum of 1-3 years related experience is preferred.
  2. Must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position as set forth in this Position Description.
  3. Must be able to read, write and interpret documents in the English language, e.g. safety rules, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operating repair, installation and procedure instruction manuals.
  4. Must be able to effectively interact and communicate with co-workers and supervisors.
  5. Must be available for emergency call-in situations.
  6. Use of motor vehicle required for transportation of tools and equipment for job related duties. Must hold and maintain a valid, unrestricted United States driver’s license, with an insurable driving history as determined by NECO's insurance carrier. May be required to drive a NECO issued vehicle.

Physical demands:

  • Ability to squat, kneel and maintain bent postures from 5 minutes up to 10 minutes for a continuous duration, on an occasional to frequent basis.
  • Ability to carry up to 25 pounds, at waist level for up to 25 feet on an occasional to frequent basis.
  • Ability to climb up and down ladders.
  • Ability to walk up to a minimum of 300 feet on a repetitive basis and climb up to 20 steps on an occasional to frequent basis.
  • Ability to push and pull with arms, in 6-60 inch height range against resistance up to 100 pounds on an occasional basis.
  • Ability to extend reach with both arms, from floor level to overhead, handling up to 25 pounds on an occasional basis.
  • Ability to manipulate small parts, machine controls and various hand tools on a frequent basis.

Qualified applicants should submit a resume to

The College offers competitive salary and generous benefits.

New England College of Optometry requires reference checks and may conduct other pre-employment screening.

New England College of Optometry is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all qualified candidates to apply.