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Giving to NECO and NEE


Advancing People. Advancing Care.

Thank you for your interest in the New England College of Optometry (NECO) and New England Eye  (NEE). Your financial support enables us to prepare the next generation of eye care providers, teachers and innovators, as well as to provide vision care to Boston’s underserved populations.

New England College of Optometry

Founded in 1894, the New England College of Optometry serves the optometric needs of the public by educating optometrists to the highest level of proficiency, integrity and professionalism. Students receive a rigorous education both in the classroom and in a variety of health care settings, gaining extensive clinical experience in the community.

New England Eye 

New England Eye is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of the College. It is the largest provider of optometric services in Massachusetts, providing nearly 85,000 patient visits annually, in 44 locations, including 80 percent of Boston’s community health centers. Since its founding in 1973, NEE has strived for excellence—continually working to improve visual health through collaborative and community-oriented patient care, education and research.

NECO and NEE faculty and clinicians are committed to improving access to care, preserving vision, enhancing quality of life and developing innovative, economically viable and reproducible models of eye care.



NECO and NEE’s patient care is broad. Each year:


•   2,000 low-income children and older adults in Massachusetts underserved communities receive comprehensive vision care on a mobile eye clinic

•   20,000 patients are examined at NEE’s two flagship sites (New England Eye Commonwealth and New England Eye Roslindale) as well as Veterans Administration patient care sites

•   65,000 patients are served in 15 Boston-area community health centers

•   1,500 children and adults with disabilities are examined in special schools and rehabilitative centers

•   1,000 homeless individuals receive eye exams and free corrective lenses




Your gift will make a difference in someone’s life.


For more information about giving to NECO or NEE, please call 617-587-5585.