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Academic Policies

Withdrawal from Courses

A student is not normally allowed to withdraw (drop) from individual courses.  In unusual circumstances, a student who is performing at a “C” or higher level may petition the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs or designee for exception to this policy.  The petition must be presented no later than two weeks prior to the final examination.  Permission to withdraw from the course will only be given by the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs or designee after consultation with the instructor of record.  If the student’s request is approved, a grade of “W” will be transcribed.  A student who withdraws from one or more courses will be placed on modified status.  The Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs or designee will devise a modified program using the same procedures as listed under Modified Status for this student.  A copy of the letter approving the withdrawal and providing the student’s modified program will be sent to the Registrar. 

If a student withdraws from a course without permission, as evidenced by nonattendance and failure to complete assignments and examinations, a grade of “F” will be transcribed.  

Withdrawal from course(s) after the third week of classes will not result in a tuition adjustment if the student is still attending the college.