New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog
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Department of Vision Science

Nancy Coletta, OD, PhD Chair

Full-time (8):
Stacey S. Choi, PhD
Nancy J. Coletta, OD, PhD
James P. Comerford, PhD, OD
Li Deng, PhD
Nathan Doble, PhD
Jane E. Gwiazda, PhD
Glen McCormack, OD, PhD
Frank Thorn, PhD, OD

Part-time (1):
Guang-Ji Wang, OD, MD

Research Scientist (1):

Ji-Chang He, PhD

Part-time Adjunct (5):

Frank J. D’Agostino, MS
Ernest V. Loewenstein, PhD, OD
Anne Moskowitz, PhD, OD
Eliezer Peli, OD, MSc
Blair C. Wong, BS, ABOM