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Academic Policies

Unauthorized Absences

Unauthorized Absences:
   An unauthorized absence is considered unprofessional conduct.
An unauthorized absence includes, but is not limited to:

  • not following the procedures with regard to expected and/or unexpected absences
  • leaving a clinic assignment without permission
  • an unapproved clinic and/or lab assignment switch
  • an unexcused absence

A student should review the additional information and/or a requirement listed below that applies to his/her expected or unexpected absence. A student will not be granted an excused absence because of travel plans or personal events that are in conflict with the Academic or Clinical Site Calendars.  The Office of Academic Affairs will notify all parties as to whether or not the absence has been approved with regard to didactic coursework.

If a student is granted an excused absence, the student assumes all responsibility for:

  • obtaining and completing missed assignments and examinations,
  • switching laboratory sections, with written notification of the switch to relevant instructors,
  • preferably switching clinical assignments with a classmate to insure coverage for patient care and completion of his/her own clinical requirements.  A switch must also be requested via Meditrek.

Additional Information/Requirements with regard to specific reasons for absences: