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Academic Policies

Resolution of RM Grade

A student who receives a grade of Remedial at the end of any clinical term will be placed on Clinical Probation:

  • A grade of Pass (P) or higher in his/her next level clinical course and if applicable, the successful completion of his/her remedial program will remove a student from clinical probation; the original Remedial (RM) grade will be converted to a Remedial/Pass (RMP).
  • A Remedial grade converts to a Remedial/Failure (RMF) grade if the student fails to meet passing criteria for the next level clinical course; the student is then eligible for dismissal and will be required to meet with the Student Affairs Committee (SAC).

Additional clinical assignments may be required when more than one Remedial grade is obtained and when a Remedial grade is awarded in the final term of the program.  A student accumulating either two consecutive or three non-consecutive “RM” grades throughout the clinical curriculum is eligible for dismissal.