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Academic Policies

Resolution of I Grade

A student receiving a grade of Incomplete is required to contact the Instructor of Record of Clinical Programs or his/her designee immediately following receipt via Meditrek of the grade of Incomplete in order to make arrangements to complete the clinical course.  The work must be completed within 3 weeks following the term in which the Incomplete was given.  The student and the Instructor of Record of Clinical Programs will be informed by the Registrar of the actual deadline date of when the grade must be received.  

If the grade of Incomplete is not removed by the actual deadline date given by the Registrar, the grade will automatically become an “RM”.  If extenuating circumstances arise, the Instructor of Record of Clinical Programs may request an extension by contacting the Registrar before the deadline has passed.

Following the resolution of an Incomplete, the new clinical course grade will be used in determining the student’s status with regard to clinical probation, academic standing or eligibility for dismissal.