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Academic Policies

Reapplication after Withdrawal or Dimissal

A student who has withdrawn or has been dismissed from the College must reapply by submitting new documentation to the College for readmission to the program.  A student who withdraws or has been dismissed from the College must apply to the Admissions Committee for readmission but will not be readmitted without the recommendation of the Student Affairs Committee.  The Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs or designee in consultation with the SAC and the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) if applicable will determine the reentry level, date of reentry and modified program, if necessary.  The original expected graduation date may be revised as appropriate.

The former student must have met all prior fiscal obligations to the College before petitioning or applying for readmission.  Withdrawal from the College in good academic standing does not in itself guarantee readmission.  Previous admission to the College in no way guarantees successful readmission by a former student who reapplies to the College.  Readmission to the College will only be decided by the process listed in the above paragraph.  An administrator or faculty member of the College has no authority to insinuate that a student will be successfully readmitted.