New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog  
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The College

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

Vision Statement

(Approved by the Board of Trustees Dec. 1999)

The New England College of Optometry seeks to be the preeminent college of Optometry.

The New England College of Optometry educates the world leaders of tomorrow for careers in eye care delivery, research, and education. The College honors discovery and supports an academic community which excels at teaching and research. The College is ever mindful of the public interest and possesses the resolve to produce important and lasting improvements in the visual health and welfare throughout the world.

Mission Statement

(Approved by the Board of Trustees Dec. 1999)

The mission of The New England College of Optometry is to serve the optometric needs of the public by educating optometrists to the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism.

In achieving its mission, the College

  • attracts and supports a faculty which excels at teaching and is committed to the growth and development of students
  • creates a dynamic environment which combines tradition and innovation, fosters intellectual inquiry, and supports research
  • serves the community by providing quality clinical vision care and educating the public about vision and eye health
  • cultivates compassionate and ethical behavior, promotes lifelong learning, and instills sensitivity to the health and social welfare of the community

Institutional Goals and Objectives

(Approved by the Board of Trustees – December 7, 2005)

The New England College of Optometry, including the New England Eye Institute as the clinical care affiliate of the College, and together with strategic partners worldwide, is committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of the community through the achievement of these Goals and Objectives.

Goal 1: To establish an institutional culture, and adequate financial resources and facilities that enable the College to become a world leader in optometric programs.

Objective 1-1: Develop an innovative and forward-looking perspective that continually drives the College toward world leadership in optometry.

Objective 1-2: Maintain a culture and environment of accountability within the College to assure that programs are successful.

Objective 1-3: Strengthen the financial base of the College, including the endowment, for the growth of its programs.

Objective 1-4: Acquire and provide appropriate facilities to accommodate the College’s plans for the future.

Goal 2: To create and provide excellent, innovative, and evolving educational programs.

Objective 2-1: Recruit and retain faculty with demonstrated excellence or potential in teaching as well as in scholarship or clinical care.

Objective 2-2: Provide time and resources for the faculty to effectively implement curricula so that students have an excellent learning experience.

Objective 2-3: Serve as the leading intellectual resource for optometry in the New England region.

Objective 2-4: Recruit and support well qualified students who are eager to learn and contribute.

Objective 2-5: Assure that the curricular content for all programs is of the highest quality.

Objective 2-6: Provide diverse clinical education opportunities that prepare students for all modes of practice, cultural variations in health care, and a variety of career pathways.

Objective 2-7: Provide the support and resources needed to assure that students thrive and excel on a personal and professional level.

Goal 3: To establish the College as a leader in important selected areas of research and scholarship in vision science and health care.

Objective 3-1: Recruit and retain faculty who have demonstrated scholarly excellence and provide them with time and resources to advance to the top of their fields.

Objective 3-2: Provide encouragement, support and professional development opportunities for emerging research leaders.

Objective 3-3: Provide opportunities for students to participate in significant research projects.

Objective 3-4: Develop centers of excellence through which the College is recognized as a world leader for its contributions to knowledge in selected areas in vision science and health care.

Objective 3-5: Develop outstanding research degree programs at the Masters and PhD levels that will further the College’s research effort and prepare graduates of these programs to lead research at other institutions in the future.

Objective 3-6: Establish collaborative research projects and initiatives with other leading institutions locally, nationally and internationally to develop new research directions.

Goal 4: To be a leader in the development and implementation of collaborative health care delivery systems to improve health and vision locally, nationally, and internationally.

Objective 4-1: Serve the community, through the College’s clinical affiliates, by providing expertise in clinical eye and vision care. 

Objective 4-2: Prepare students to improve the health status of communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

Objective 4-3: Serve as a primary resource for educating the public about vision, eye health, and health care delivery in order to improve the visual health of communities. 

Objective 4-4: Lead in the development of sustainable, high quality, comprehensive eye and vision care for various underserved populations around the world.

Objective 4-5: Serve as a center of excellence for public health research and the development and implementation of innovative concepts for clinical delivery systems and health policy initiatives.

Goal 5: To foster an institutional culture where all members of the College community are valued, nurtured, and challenged.

Objective 5-1: Recruit, develop and retain the best people to achieve the College’s mission.

Objective 5-2: Respect all members of the College community and value their contributions, while honoring diversity, respecting dissent, and embracing cultural sensitivity and awareness.