New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog
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Academic Policies

Explanation of Grades

H =            Honors                    (Outstanding)
P =            Pass                         Performing at expected levels)
RM =         Remedial                (Performing below expected levels)
RMP =      Remedial to Pass  (Remedial, passed next clinical course)
RMF =      Remedial to Fail     (Remedial, did not pass next clinical course)
F =            Failure                     (Inadequate)
I =              Incomplete              (Adequate; requirements not completed)
AU =         Audit
W =           Withdrawal
NC =         No Credit                (No credit or grade given)
IP/WIP =   In Progress

Clinical grades represent an overall rating of a student’s clinical performance as judged by technical skills, knowledge base, analytical skills, diagnostic skills, treatment and management, attitude, communication skills and professionalism.  Successful completion of clinical courses is defined in terms of grades of Pass (P) or above.  Clinical grading criteria are specified in the ‘Clinical Course Syllabi’.

Clinical preceptors must submit written documentation to the Office of Clinical Education to support all clinical grades.