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Admission, Costs, Financial Aid

Academic Requirements

Doctor of Optometry Degree

Applicants to the Doctor of Optometry program need to demonstrate at least three years of undergraduate preparation. Within this period of study the student must have credits for the following specific course work:

Course Semester(s) Quarter(s)
Chemistry (with lab) 2 3
Organic Chemistry (with lab) 1 2
Biology (with lab) 2 3
Microbiology 1 2
Physics (with lab) 2 3
Mathematics (One semester must be Calculus) 2 3
Psychology 1 2
English 2 3
  • One semester or two quarters of Statistics is recommended, but not required.

Prerequisite courses form the entering knowledgebase for our optometry program. Therefore to demonstrate mastery of this knowledgebase, we require a grade no lower than C in these courses.  Prerequisite courses taken at a community college may be accepted; however we strongly prefer courses taken at your degree granting College or University. No more than 50% of the prerequisites may be taken at a community college. Advanced Placement courses will be accepted if the degree granting college has accepted the credit and the student has achieved a score of 4 or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement Test.


The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is a prerequisite for entrance. For informational materials regarding the OAT, contact the testing program using the information below:


Optometry Admission Testing Program
211 East Chicago Avenue, 6th floor
Chicago, IL 60611-2678
Phone: (312) 440-2693; (800) 232-2159
Fax: (312) 587-4105
Online at:

             Bachelor of Science in Optometry

Students who have not earned a Bachelor Degree may be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree by the College, provided they have completed 12 semester hours of humanities, 12 semester hours of social sciences, and have met other requirements set forth by the College.

            Among Humanity and Social Science courses the following are acceptable:

Humanities Social Sciences

Language: Ancient and Modern

Literature: Ancient, Modern Theory

Fine Arts



History of Philosophy

Historical Biography


History and Philosophy of Science



History of Civilization


Political Science










Accelerated Doctor of Optometry Program (AODP)

Applicants to the Accelerated Doctor of Optometry Program:

  • Hold doctorate-level degrees in a science or medicine. Graduates of the program represent such diverse fields as physics, psychology, anatomy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, dentistry, and medicine.
  • Demonstrate high scholarship in previous graduate study, as well as a firm career commitment to optometry.
Advanced Standing International Program (ASIP)

Applicants to the Advanced Standing International Program:

  • Hold a degree from an optometric college recognized by the International Optometric and Optical League.
  • Have at least two years of full-time optometric clinical experience following graduation from an optometry college and completed within four years prior to applying to qualify for our program.
Master of Science in Vision Science Degree (MSVS/OD or MSVS Stand Alone)
  • BA or BS degree.
  • College transcripts indicating a minimum 3.0 GPA on pre-requisites for the OD program, including a course in statistics.
  • Optometric Admissions Test (OAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE general) scores.
  • An admissions essay detailing the candidate’s interests in the MS program.
  • Names and contact information for 3 references who can attest to the applicant’s analytical or research skills.

Transfer Requirements

When openings in classes permit, the College will review applications for transfer from students who are currently enrolled in other accredited schools or colleges of optometry. Acceptance is contingent upon satisfactory completion of courses equivalent to those at The New England College of Optometry. Students requesting transfer must provide a personal statement with supporting documentation demonstrating a compelling need to transfer in order to complete their optometric education. The dean at the applicant's present optometry school is required to provide official acknowledgment of the student's request for transfer and certification of good academic standing.

Tuition and Fees

For the 2013-14 academic Year (May 20, 2013 to May 17, 2014), the Board of Trustees of The New England College of Optometry has set the tuition and fees as follows.  An allowance for books, equipment, and estimated living expenses are included, for the total cost of attendance.

Four Year OD Program

  OD 2018
(First Year)
(Second Year)
(Third Year)
(Fourth Year)
Tuition* $38,862 $38,862 $38,862 $38,862
Activity Fee 360** 350 350 350
Course Notes Fee 150 150 150 0
Lab Fee 300 0 0 0
Equipment Fee 1,200^ 0 0 0
Health Insurance*** 1,596 1,596 1,596 1,596
Books and Extra Equipment 1,870 1,030 685 0
Living Allowance 19,080 19,080 25,440 26,120
TOTAL $63,418 $61,068 $67,083 $66,928

Accelerated and International Programs

(Entering 2/15)
AODP2016 AODP2015 ASIP2016 ASIP2015
Tuition* $14,304 $52,956 $38,862 $52,956 $38,862
Activity Fee 0 350 350 350 350
Course Notes Fee 65 150 0 150 0
Lab Fee 0 300 0 100 0
Equipment Fee 1,200 0 0 0 0
Health Insurance*** 878^ 1,596 1596 2,014^ 1,596
Books and Extra Equipment 1,635 385 0 1,970 0
Living Allowance 6,360 25,440 26,120 25,440 26,120
TOTAL $24,442**** $81,177 $66,928 $82,980 $66,928

* This rate is effective for students enrolled in both the OD and MS/Vision Science Programs.

**Includes a $10 enrollment fee to the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists

***The health insurance fee listed is for a single student with no dependents. The fee can be waived with proof of alternative coverage. Please contact Barbara McGinley at for more information.

****Costs shown are only for the quarter beginning February 24, 2014 and ending May 17, 2014.

Payment Policy

All tuition and fees are due and payable on or before the first day of classes of each term, except for first-year students, which are due by August 1st of the year of entry. Students may not register or attend classes if tuition and fees are not paid in full or appropriate arrangements have not been made with the Chief Financial Officer at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the term. The College does not accept credit cards for the payment of tuition and fees. 

Tuition Refund Policy

The College’s Tuition Refund Policy is as follows:


Withdrawal Date

Percentage of Tuition and Fees* Refunded

Prior to the 1st day of the academic period 100%
During the 1st week 90%
During the 2nd to 3rd weeks 50%
During the 4th to 6th weeks 25%
After 6 weeks 0%

When calculating refunds, a reasonable administrative fee may be charged.  This fee shall be the lesser of 5% of charges assessed the student or $100.

*All fees, except for the mandatory equipment fee, are non-refundable.  The equipment fee is refundable only if the equipment is returned intact and unopened within the first two weeks of the term.

Repeated Courses Tuition Charges

A student who is not registered full time in the term that the repeated course is given will be charged on a per credit basis for the repeated course as well as any other courses as applicable. A student who is registered full time in the term that the repeated course is given will not be charged additional tuition for the repeated course.

Extended Program Tuition Charges

A student whose program is extended will be subject to applicable tuition and fee charges. A student enrolled less than full-time will be charged at a per credit rate. 

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Finacial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid assists students in obtaining scholarships, grants and loans to help finance their education. For more information about financial aid, please use the outline below. Clicking a category will open a submenu to show you all the links available in that category. 

     Financial Aid Handbook**

Financial Aid Handbook 2012-2013 A complete guide & reference to Financial Aid at the College.
Code of Conduct

Financial Aid Employees Code of Conduct Policy

                 Financial Aid Application**

 Academic Year 2011-2012 (PDF) Complete and submit this NECO aid application for 2011-12 financial aid.
Academic Year 2012-2013 (PDF) Returning Student Complete and submit this NECO aid application if you are a returning NECO student and applying for student financial aid for 2012-13.
Academic Year 2012-2013(PDF) New Student Complete and submit this NECO aid application if you will be a member of the OD Class of 2016 and are applying for student financial aid for 2012-13.

     Contact Info

Office of Financial Aid Phone: 617-587-5582 Fax: 617-587-5553
Director of Financial Aid Carol Rubel
Assistant Director of Financial Aid Esther Bandoo-Gomes
Administrative Assistant Joann Reed