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Copyright Policy

The New England College of Optometry (‘the College’) is committed to providing an environment that supports the research and the teaching activities of its faculty, students, and staff.  As a matter of principal and practice, the College encourages all of its members to publish their papers, books, and other forms of communication without restriction in order to share openly their findings and knowledge with both the optometric profession as well as the general public.

In furtherance of this credo, the College has adopted a Copyright Policy that is intended to provide guidance for the members of the College community, including faculty, visiting faculty, staff, administrators, and students, in matters of copyright compliance when using a variety of creative works including, but not limited to printed materials, digital media, sound recordings, and computer and educational software.  The College expects that all members of the community adhere to the provisions of the United States Copyright Law – Title 17, United States Code, Sec. 101,  The Policy presents to the College community a summary of U.S. copyright law related to the use of copyrighted works in the classroom, in the CMS (Moodle) and the library as well as to provide guidelines and procedures for obtaining permission to use copyrighted works.

While the policy provides practical advice and procedures on copyright matters, legal advice should be sought if a member of the community feels clarification is needed.  Members of the College community who willfully disregard the Policy do so at their own risk and assume all liability.  Therefore, each member should not rely on this summary; rather he/she should read the Copyright Policy in its entirety at