New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog
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Academic Policies

Consequences of Dismissal

As soon as the dismissal from the College becomes official, a student must complete the following:

  • an interview with the Associate Dean of Students,
  • an exit interview with a member of the Financial Aid Office,
  • an exit interview with a member of the Business Office to determine the student’s unpaid balance.

And the following will occur:

  • transcribing of dismissal on student’s transcript and record
  • deactivation of the student’s identification card to remove access to campus buildings except as a visitor during regular business hours,
  • discontinuation of the student’s email account. The student must provide the IT Department with another email address within five (5) days where email can be forwarded for thirty (30) days. ┬áIf a student fails to give the College IT Department another account within five (5) days forwarding will not be instituted.