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Academic Policies

Conditional Leave of Absence and Readmission

If a student is not eligible for a leave of absence as described above, yet presents extraordinary extenuating remediable circumstances, a conditional leave of absence may be requested.  Examples of such circumstances could include illness or other medical/personal conditions.  Documentation of the circumstances by a practitioner deemed to be qualified by the College must accompany the requests.  Remediation of the condition by a qualified practitioner must be presented by the student in order to return to the College.  Conditions set in the return documentation, such as continued medical care or therapy, must be adhered to.

If the student is in his/her final year of a first professional program and/or in a graduate program, the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs will notify the Clinical Education Office and/or the Office of Graduate Studies upon receipt of the request. 

The Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs will inform the student in writing of the decision and any terms and date of reentry relative to returning to the College as well as also notifying the appropriate offices.

Please note the following:

  • The decision to grant the conditional leave will be a function of consultation between the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs, the Director of Clinical Education if student is in his/her final year, the Director of Graduate Studies if student is in a graduate program,  the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee, and any other appropriate individuals.
  • A leave of absence may not be granted before all tuition and fees are paid in full and the student has met with the Financial Aid Office to discuss the effect of the leave upon financial aid arrangements.
  • A leave of absence is usually not extended beyond one year. Ordinarily, a student is granted only one leave of absence.
  • A student who returns to the College after a leave of absence may be required to take additional course work due to curriculum changes.  A student taking a leave of absence does so with the understanding that course sequencing may change during the leave of absence.
  • A student who returns to the College after a conditional leave will be required to pass a clinical proficiency examination prior to assignment to clinical patient care.  If the student fails to pass, the student will be required to complete clinical tutoring before retaking the proficiency examination.  Failing to pass a second time may result in the student being reclassified as to his/her level in the program or not being allowed to return.