New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog
The College
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Academic Programs
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Academic Policies

Academic Policies

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Degree Requirements

Student Status Policies and Procedures
Academic Distinction
Academic Progress
Academic Standing
Academic Probation
Resolution of Academic Probation
Academic Warning
Resolution of Academic Warning
Clinical Probation
Resolution of Clinical Probation
Disciplinary Probation
Resolution of Disciplinary Probation
Inquiry Status
Modified Status
Student Request for Modified Program

Requirements for Student Advancement

Satisfactory Academic Standing/Progress and Financial Aid Eligibility

Dismissal Policies and Procedures
Academic Dismissal
Clinical Dismissal
Dismissal Hearing Policy and Procedure
Appeal of Dismissal
Consequences of Dismissal

Grading Policies and Procedures
Explanation of Grades
Grade of I (Incomplete)
Resolution of I Grade
Grade of F (Failure)
Resolution of F Grade
Grade of AU (Audit)
Exemption from Courses
Repeat of a Course
Withdrawal from Courses

Clinical Grading
Explanation of Grades
Grade of F (Failure)
Resolution of F Grade
Grade of RM (Remedial)
Resolution of RM Grade
Grade of AU (Audit)
Grade of I (Incomplete)
Resolution of I Grade
Repeat of a Clinical Course
Exemption from Clinical Courses
Withdrawal from Clinical Courses

Submitting Grades
Change of Grade Policy
Notification of Grades
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

Attendance and Tardiness Policies

Absence Policies and Procedures

Expected Absences
Unexpected Absences
Unauthorized Absences
Absence to Attend Professionally Related Activities or Corporate-Sponsored Educational Programs/Events
Absence Due to Jury Duty

Absence from a Laboratory Session
Absence from a Mandatory Class or Meeting
Absence from Midterm and Final Examinations
Absence Due to National Boards
Absence from a Quiz
Absence Due to Religious Observance

Miscellaneous Processes and Policies
Leave of Absence and Readmission
Conditional Leave of Absence and Readmission
Reapplication after Withdrawal or Dimissal

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Copyright Policy
Disability Services
Student Conduct Code