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Academic Policies

Absence from Midterm and Final Examinations

All students are required to attend midterm and final examinations on the dates published by the Office of Academic Affairs except in the case of serious illness or personal emergency.  If a student is ill or has a personal emergency, the student must contact the Office of Academic Affairs (617-587-5587) prior to the start of the examination to request an excused absence.  Not all requests will be approved.  If there is no one available in Academic Affairs to verbally discuss the request for an excused absence, the student should leave a message on Academic Affairs’ voicemail and must then contact the Office of Student Services (617-587-5593) to inform them of his/her inability to attend.  The office that is verbally contacted will inform the instructor of record that the student is unable to attend the examination.

In the case of illness, a written medical excuse must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.  The written medical excuse documentation must include date(s) of the illness and a date specifying medical clearance to return to the College.  In the case of a personal emergency, the Office of Academic Affairs will inform the student of what documentation is necessary.

The Office of Academic Affairs will contact the instructor of record via email with a copy to the student and the Registrar’s Office as to whether or not the absence from the examination has been approved.

Upon written notification of an approved absence from the Office of Academic Affairs:

  • The student is required to contact the instructor of record to reschedule the missed examination immediately upon his/her return.
  • If the missed exam is the final exam, the instructor of record will award a grade of Incomplete until the exam has been made up.  Please see “Resolution of Incomplete Grades” with regard to deadlines.

In situations where a student does not follow the correct procedures as stated above, the student will not be given an excused absence.  The instructor of record is not required to offer a make up exam for this student. Options include recording a grade of 0 (zero) for the exam, requiring an alternative exam and/or other additional assignment, or other options at the discretion of the instructor of record.

The Office of Academic Affairs will keep a record of examinations missed by each student and will forward the records to the Associate Dean of Students each term.  Habitual absences from examinations will not be tolerated as this provides an unfair advantage over classmates.  Habitual absences will be treated as unprofessional conduct.