New England College of Optometry 2014-2015 Catalog
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Academic Policies

Absence to Attend Professionally Related Activities or Corporate-Sponsored Educational Programs/Events

  • Absence must be approved in advance regardless of the number of days of absence.
  • A student must have a GPA of at least 2.200 and may not be on Warning, Probation and/or Inquiry Status.
  • A student will be granted one leave for professional activities per term. Extraordinary circumstances may warrant an exception.  Exceptions will be reviewed on an individual basis, but may be granted if the student has an official role in the event, (e.g. officer, coordinator, etc.) and should have a GPA above 2.80.  The student’s role should be described as part of the request.
  • Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to attend more than two events in a given term.

Student participation in professional activities is encouraged by the College.  It must also be recognized that a student’s priority is to his/her studies and his/her obligation to patient care.