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Profiles in Vision 2014


NECO Honors OneSight at Annual Fundraiser - Profiles in Vision 2014


A spectacular evening was enjoyed by all, as NECO honored Dr. Jason Singh and the charitable vision care work of OneSight on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at The Langham Hotel, Boston.  Dr. Singh was presented with the college's Presidential Medal by President Clifford Scott.  Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed a reception with a jazz trio and the Middlesex Volunteer Fife and Drum Corps, Dr. Singh's multimedia presentation, followed by an exclusive raffle and a lively fundraising auction.  The proceeds of Profiles in Vision 2014 will benefit under served Massachusetts children and older adults.


President Clifford Scott, OD '68 & Dr. Jason Singh of OneSight.

NEE Mobile Eye Clinic at The Langham Hotel, Boston.

NECO Board of Trustees members, Dr. Myron Allukian, Dr. Pano Yeracaris and Dr. Youko Yeracaris.

David Fleishman, MD, Rachel Negris, OD '84, Jacqueline Fleishman,Tifini DeMaria, of Luxottica.

MSV Drum & Fife.

Dave Sattler of Alcon Labs and Tony Cavallerano, OD '72.

Kristen Griebel, OD '97 Nancy Broude, VP of Institutional Advancement.

President Clifford Scott OD '68 Tifani DeMaria of Luxottica,Steve Koevary, PhD, Judy Fimiani of Luxottica Dr. Jason Singh of OneSight.

Brian Wolynski, OD '00, Claire Helfman & David Helfman, OD '69.




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