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New England Eye partners with Transitions and

VSP to provide Vision Care


September 25-27, 2013 the New England College of Optometry partnered with Transitions Optical and VSP Vision Care to visit three local communities in Greater Boston. Two 40-foot state-of-the-art mobile vision clinics - New England Eye On- Sight and VSP /Transitions’ Eyenstein Mobile Eye Clinic traveled to Freshman Academy in Lowell, The Jordan Boys and Girls Club of Chelsea and The Mather School in Dorchester, MA to provide screenings and comprehensive eye exams to over 90 students during the course of the event. Over forty students received glasses on site enhancing their vision.


Dr. Quinn with student Chawanzi Muwina at The Jordan  Boys and Girls Club of Chelsea, MA.



“The Eyenstein and New England Eye Mobile Clinics have been a great resource to our students. We are very grateful to work hand in hand with NECO and Transitions and VSP to get some of our first year students eye care for the first time in their lives and even better to receive glasses to enhance their educational performance,” stated Gina Sepe, Social Worker at The Freshman Academy in Lowell, MA.

Over the three day event students, residents, and faculty from the New England College of Optometry joined the Transitions and VSP Teams to provide eye care to the students. Third year NECO student, Tamara Granner, shared,  "As a provider it brings  me joy to know I'm helping children. It was rewarding to see patients receive great service whom otherwise have limited access to eye care.




The process to get screened, undergo a full eye exam and color testing, fill a prescription and within in 20 minutes acquire new glasses was truly amazing.” Students were fitted with Transition lenses and had a wide range of frames from fashionable well-known brands such as Nike, Emilio Pucci, and Tommy Bahamas. “It was great working in conjunction with Transitions lenses and VSP to have functional lenses and fashionable frames appeal to the students.”

Transitions Optical fosters the concept of celebrating the sights in your life to enhance every day moments. This was mirrored throughout the visits on September 25, 26, and 27th, which underscored the importance of healthy, enhanced vision as a key component to achieve a brighter future. This community outreach program was organized and led by NECO faculty member and alum, Gary Chu, OD.



Dr.Gary Chu ,OD with Chawanzi Muwina in front of the NEE On-Sight Mobile Clinic Chelsea,MA




New England Eye is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of the New England College of Optometry. Its mobile clinic, On-Sight, contains two fully equipped eye exam lanes.

Eyenstein, the mobile eye care clinic created by Transitions Optical and VSP Vision Care offers the unique feature of a finishing lab onboard with full- service lens finishing equipment, providing patients with eyeglasses immediately on site.



Jim O'Brien and Amy Greenwood of Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Office with President Clifford Scott,and Nancy Broude ,Vice President of Institutional Advancement, NECO faculty member and alumni, Gary Chu OD with members of the VSP Vision and Transitions Optical team in Lowell, MA 


Transitions Optical team member Cory Lawson with first year student ,Meh Neh at The Freshman Academy Lowell, MA.














 NECO 3rd year student Tamara Granner with Madeline Pen in the Eyenstein Mobile Eye Clinic on-site in Lowell,MA.