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Alumni Leadership Scholarships


The most effective way to assure that high caliber applicants select NECO as their pathway toward becoming an optometrist is to commit financial support toward their tuition.


Join the increasing number who have established a NECO Alumni Leadership Scholarship that will benefit a selected incoming student with a tuition discount over his/her four years at NECO. You and the student will have many opportunities to meet during the student’s time at NECO. Your pledge, payable over four years, will provide an added incentive for top students to enroll at NECO.  Your informal mentoring will enhance our students’ education and career development. 


If you are interested in learning more, please contact Nancy Broude, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at 617-587-5585 or


Scholarship Options:

$10,000      $2,500 per year

$7,500       $1,875 per year

$5,000       $1,250 per year

$4,000       $1,000 per year