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Student Testimonials

  "The New England College of Optometry is a great school that provides a unique academic program mixed with clinical activities."

- Shai S. Butler, Class of 2007

"The College really puts an emphasis on hands-on, practical learning experience.  From participating in child vision screenings in the first year of the program to clinical rotations in the fourth year, students graduate well-equipped to enter the field of optometry."
- Bryan Murphy, Class of 2007


"The College's reputation for excellent clinical education is what attracted me to this school." 
- Ja-Hyung Lee, Class of 2009

"As I was looking into colleges of optometry the Doctors I shadowed all told me to look into each school's clinical education.  Of all the colleges I interviewed The New England College of Optometry seemed "top notch" incorporating clinical education into the curriculum.  All the classes are taught with a clinical  focus.  An example; students take a course called "The Biochemistry of Glaucoma and Diabetes".  Additionally, students begin seeing patients in the screening program during their first year."

Matt Bauer, Class of 2009

"The College offers unlimited possibilities."

- Andrew Helman, Class of 2009