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Why Choose Optometry?

Optometry is a rewarding career that offers different modes of practice, career opportunities, job satisfaction, and good quality of life.

(Video courtesy of ASCO: Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry)

Different Modes of Practice

  • Solo private practice 
  • Partnership or group practice 
  • Interdisciplinary care 
  • Retail/optical setting 
  • Optometric/Ophthalmological Professional Setting 
  • Health Maintenance Organization 
  • Military/ Public Health 
  • Academic/Research 
  • Corporate/Industrial 
  • Consultants 

Excellent Career Opportunities

  • High demand for optometrist and growing need of care for aging population 
  • Numerous practice modalities 
  • Ability to participate in interdisciplinary care with other health care providers to treat patients holistically 
  • Opportunities to go into ocular research and explore new avenues for diagnoses, treatments, and cures for eye conditions and diseases 
  • Ability to pursue academia, helping to prepare and teach the next generations of optometrists 
  • Different specialties or areas of interest: pediatric eye care, geriatric eye care, low vision, contact lenses, vision rehabilitation, ocular disease, individuals with disabilities, and other special populations. 
  • Variety of practice settings – cities, suburban areas, rural areas 

Job Satisfaction

  • Provide meaningful work making a difference in the lives of other 
  • Experience immediate gratification when patients put on glasses or contacts and immediately see a difference
  • Enjoy good relationships with patients as most patients generally enjoy going to the optometrist

Good Quality of Life

  • Flexible work schedules: optometrists can work full time or part-time based on their needs
  • Minimal emergency calls related to patients
  • Good income: the AOA reports that the average salary in 2014 was $122,767
  • Opportunities for practice: the freedom in choosing to live and practice in almost any location