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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of New England College of Optometry. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the welfare and governance of the College. It provides oversight for the College’s academic, financial, and business affairs. The Trustees of the Board elect the President, who is responsible for the daily operations of the College. They also provide strategic administration and assist in long-range planning and development for the College. The Board meets at least three times each year, with members serving on sub-committees.

Board of Trustees

Pano Yeracaris, MD, MPH, Board Chair
Clifford Scott, OD ’68, MPH President
Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH
Cornelius (Con) Chapman, JD
Joan M. Exford, OD, DOS
Ronald R. Ferrucci, OD ’74
Howard (Hank) Greenberg
Kristen Griebel, OD ’97
Richard Heller, JD
Dorothy L. Hitchmoth, OD ‘96
Andrew Hoar
Stephen N. Kirnon, MBA, EdD
Brian S. Klinger, OD, FAAO
Colin L. Leitch, MDiv
Kelly MacDonald, OD ’01
Robert Meenan, MD, MPH, MBA
Rachel Negris, OD ’84
Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, Dipl.
Joel B. Rosen, MBA
Robert Ryan, CPA, CGMA
Richard N. Small, CPA
Joseph P. Zolner, EdD

Emeritus Members

Joseph J.F. Bickford, OD ’65
Lester M. Brackley, OD ’68
Frank DiMella, AIA
G. Burtt Holmes, OD ’52, LHD
Charles F. Mullen, OD ’69, DOS
Adelbert Parrot, OD ’34*
Paul Taylor, OD ’55*
* Deceased


Lester M. Brackley, OD ’68
David J. Caban, OD ’77
Michael J. Cohn, OD ’77
Howard M. Coleman, OD ’57
Matthew Elgart, OD ’66
Elmer Freeman, BS, MSW
Philip E. Friedman, OD ’62
Fernando Hidalgo Santa Cruz, OD ’87
Celia Anne Hinrichs, OD ’79
Robert H. Honnors, OD ’63
Barbara D. Kamens
Farooq A. Khan, OD ’02
Cynthia P. Macdonald, JD
Jonathan Marcus, CFP®
David Miller, MD
Robert S. Miller, CFE, CPA
Joseph F. Molinari, OD ’74, MEd
George L. Montminy, OD ’69
Joseph F. Osmanski, OD ’74
Gerard Phelan
David A.V. Reynolds, DrPH, LHD
John A. Stefanini, JD
Irwin B. Suchoff, OD ’59, DOS
Michael R. Taylor, MEd
Thomas Terry, OD ’75

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