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About NECO Clinical Network

The College’s clinical network, formerly known as the New England Eye Network, is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of the New England College of Optometry and one of the largest providers of optometric services in Massachusetts. The New England College of Optometry Clinical Network encompasses the wide network of local clinical sites throughout which our students do their clinical work. Through the network, our faculty and students provide optometric services to nearly 90,000 patients annually in more than 43 locations, including many of Greater Boston’s community health centers.

Clinical NetworkThe NECO Clinical Network manages all College-owned patient care operations and maintains liaisons through professional service agreements with other clinical training sites in the Boston area. Its patient care model is based on an assessment of community needs, working closely with these communities to provide the best services to meet those needs.

Throughout our network, our optometrists and students make a difference in the community, as well as in the lives of individuals with disabilities, older adults, homeless, and low-income children from varied cultures and backgrounds at 45 health care facilities throughout Greater Boston, VA Medical centers, Academic Hospitals, and two comprehensive eye clinics in Boston and Roslindale. New England College of Optometry is fortunate to be located in a city known for its world-class hospitals, superb medical care, and cutting-edge research and innovation.  

The NECO Clinical Network encompasses:

  • Comprehensive Vision Centers 
    New England College of Optometry Center for Eye Care at Commonwealth and Roslindale.
  • Clinical Affiliates
    Community Health Centers, Academic Medical Centers, and VA Medical Centers.
  • Community Partnerships
    Pediatric school health programs, as well as specific programs for individuals with disabilities, those with low vision/geriatric needs, and people who are homeless.

Learn more about the NECO Clinical Network. 

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