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College Administration

Office of the President

Clifford Scott, O.D., '68, M.P.H.
Executive Assistant to the President
Marie Hill

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
Traci Logan

Office of the Admissions

Executive Director of Enrollment Management
Kurt Thiede

Office of Institutional Advancement

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Nancy Broude
Advancement & Alumni Outreach
Mary Fitzgerald
Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Margery Warren

Office of Academic Affairs

Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs
Barry Fisch, O.D., '71
Director of Clinical Education
Erik Weissberg, O.D., '97

Director of Residencies
Douglas Hoffman, O.D., '80

Glenda Underwood

Academic Programs Coordinator
Camille Ruan

Academic Departments

Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Science & Disease
Steven Koevary, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept. of Primary Care
Nancy Carlson, O.D., '77
Chair, Dept. of Specialty & Advanced Care
Stacy Lyons, O.D., '88
Chair, Dept. of Vision Science
Nancy J. Coletta, O.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Care and Services

Vice President of Clinical Affairs and CEO of New England Eye
Jody Fleit M.S.

Center for International Advancement of Optometry

Director of International Programs
Bina Patel, O.D.

Graduate Research Education

Director of Graduate Research Education
Nancy J. Coletta, O.D., Ph.D.


Director of Library Services
Kristin Motte, M.L.S.

Business and Finance

Director of Human Resources
Patricia Dahill, M.S.M.

Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid
Carol Rubel, M.S.Ed.

Department of Administration

Vice President of Administration
John Curran
Director of Facilities Administration
Rich Dahill

Director of  Informational Technology
Anthony Russo
Manager of Buildings/Grounds and Safety & Security
Tecleab Neguse

Student Services

Associate Dean of Students
Barbara McGinley, M.A.
Assistant to the Associate Dean of Students
Deborah Picard